Atakent Nevi Konutları

İzmir, take your place on the top of the gulf, now it’s your turn!

Panorama houses promise a new life full of privileges in four seasons. 240 houses at 5 blocks in an area of 17,087 m2, 3+1 flats in 2 different types designed for you.

3+1 240 housing unit

Grass amphitheatre


Show your energy İzmir, now it’s your turn!

A safe and energetic life on the top of the gulf and in touch with nature.

Pool Cafe

Swimming pool for adults and children

Climbing wall and Multipurpose sports area

İzmir, discover the unique care for quality and details, now it’s your turn!

The unique care from us for details is raising your standards of living and reflecting a true and new understanding of quality.

Ornamental pool and sitting areas

Running track

Sitting areas

2 outdoor fitness areas

Outdoor bowling and Playground for pets

You deserve the perfect İzmir, now it’s your turn!

All measures have already been taken for your safety with perfectionist Ataseven approach which does not compromise on material, detail, labour, and quality.

Raft Foundation System

Botanical Landscape


LED Lighting for Facade

Bicycle Parking Area

design by idemania

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